Changing Wiper Blades

If the wiper blades leave streaks across the windshield, try cleaning them first with a paper towel or soft cloth and wiper fluid. If the wiper blade rubber has deteriorated, it will leave streaks and can scratch the window glass. You should change the wiper blades.

  1. Set the power mode to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK).
  2. While holding the wiper switch in the MIST position, set the power mode to ON, then to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK). The wipers move to their maintenance position.
  3. Lift both wiper arms.
  4. For each wiper arm, press and hold the tab, then slide the holder from the wiper arm.
  5. Pull the wiper blade (as shown) until it clears the end cap, then slide it out of the holder by pulling the blade up and out in the other direction.
  6. Insert the flat end of a new blade into the holder. Secure the end of the blade into the cap.
  7. Slide the holder onto the wiper arm until it locks. Lower the wiper arms when done.
  8. Set the power mode to ON. Hold the wiper switch in the MIST position until the wiper arms return to their normal position.

Avoid dropping the wiper arm, as it may damage the arm or the windshield.