Service Information System (SIS) is American Honda and Honda Canada's service repair information website for independent repair shops and vehicle owners. This information covers all Honda and Acura vehicles from 1990 to current.

American Honda offers a diagnostic software subscription for standard diagnostics and reprogramming as well as a subscription for Vehicle Security Professionals

i-HDS - The i-HDS subscription provides users access to the i-HDS software suite, featuring dealer-level diagnostics and ECU reprogramming capabilities.

When coupled with a Service Information System (SIS) subscription, the browser-based i-Troubleshooting tool can guide users with step-by-step diagnostics. Linking a Honda/Acura specific J2534-compliant vehicle communication interface further enhances diagnostics with live access to the vehicle’s data stream.

Vehicle Security Professional - Same features as the i-HDS subscription, but with vehicle security access. You must be a registered member of the National Automotive Service Task Force Vehicle Security Professional (NASTF VSP) registry to purchase Key & Immobilizer codes.

Vehicle model year availability

Service Information System
Vehicle Security Professional
Repair Information*--
Owners Manuals*--
Accessory Information*--
Part Catalog*--
Search Capabilities
Subject Search*--
Keyword Search*--
Info Type Search*--
Combination Search*--
System & Component Search*--
i-HDS Diagnostic Tool Integration*
Auto DTC Search***
i-Troubleshoot (Guided Diagnostics)***
Integration functionality requires that both i-HDS (Standard or Security Professional) and SIS subscriptions be purchased on the same account.
i-HDS Software Suite
All Systems DTC Scan and Clear-**
J2534 ECU Reprogramming-**
SRS Deployment Status-**
ADAS Calibration*-**
TPMS Calibration*-**
Function Tests-**
PCM Code**--*
*If vehicle is equipped
**Requires valid VSC (formerly known as LSID) to transact data via SDRM. See for information.
Technical Training
Access to training modules within the Honda Service Course Catalog*--

Break-down of pricing:

In an effort to provide the best experience for our subscribers, American Honda has chosen to maintain one service information website - Service Information System (SIS). SIS offers users expanded search capabilities as well as Tool Integration. We will no longer be selling subscriptions to ServiceExpress.

Service Information Systemi-HDSVehicle Security Professional
1 Day$30$45$45
30 Day$150$200$200
365 Day$1,500$1,800$1,800

Honda/Acura Key and Immobilizer Code (per transaction) - $15.00 USD Subscribe

Diagnostic Tools

For questions on diagnostic tools or support, please call: 833-949-4672

For a complete list of diagnostic tools, click here.
(Service repair information is not included with tool purchase)

Click here for equipment requirements and information on using Honda's J2534-compliant software for diagnosis and reprogramming.