Honda and Acura Vehicle Diagnostics

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This summary describes items in the Diagnostic Tool On-Line Catalog that have been developed specifically for use with Honda and Acura vehicles.

For a complete list of tools visit the Honda or Acura On-Line Catalog.

For questions, please call: 877-504-3571.

Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) Suite

Note: : i-HDS requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.
  • Checks and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Real-time data display (Data List)
  • Data capture (snapshot)
  • Vehicle and system specific function tests
  • Reprogram ECUs with J2534 Rewrite application


  • The Honda and Acura J2534 Control Module Update software has been replaced with J2534 Rewrite, which is included with the i-HDS suite.
  • To add, delete or replace keys, refer to Keys and Codes in ServiceExpress.
  • To initialize replaced ECM/PCMs, see PCM Initialization below.
  • 1996-2002 Honda Passport PCM reprogramming with the Smart Cable and software is no longer supported. Please reference Service Bulletin 99-005 for details.
  • 1996-1999 Acura SLX PCM reprogramming with the Smart Cable and software is no longer supported. Please reference Service Bulletin 99-019 for details.
  • Denso DST-i Vehicle Communications Interface Honda or Acura

DST-i Information:

  • DST-i Quick Start Guide
  • Instruction Manual
  • WLAN Setup

  • NOTE: The DST-i is a J2534 pass through interface with no standalone functionality.

    MVCI Information:

  • User Guide
  • FAQs
  • Honda Diagnostic System (i-HDS) software

    1 Day: $10.00
    30 Day: $133.00
    365 Day: $1547.00

    *Software is non-refundable.

    Click here to purchase.

    Click Honda or Acura for the latest software version.

    i-HDS Quick Start Guide click here

    PCM Initialization

    Powertrain and Engine Control Module initialization(after replacement) for certain pre-2008 vehicles.

      PCM Initialization software is available as a 10 day rental kit, which includes a PC with PCM Initialization software installed, and a Modular Vehicle Communication Interface (MVCI).


    A $5,850.00 rental deposit is required.

    PCM Initialization software 10 day rental kit Click Here

    ED-18 Battery Tester

    Identifies a battery with a deteriorating state-of-charge, even if it can still start a vehicle under normal conditions. Integrated printer is included.

    ED-18 Battery Tester Honda or Acura

    Initial software included

    GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station

    Complete battery and electrical system solution:
    - Battery assessment
    - Charging
    - Alternator test (GR8 with AST)
    - Integrated printer

    • GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station Honda or Acura

    • GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station with AST Honda or Acura

    Initial software included

    Universal TPMS Sensor Reader
    • The Universal Sensor Reader is a compact hand held tool. Applies to vehicles with TPMS that have wheel sensors, but do not show wheel location or tire pressure on the vehicle instrument panel.

    • Displays sensor data including sensor ID, pressure, battery state, and temperature.

    Universal TPMS Sensor Reader Honda or Acura

    Initial software included

    FAQs Page