Changing the Wiper Blade

  1. Set the power mode to ON, then to VEHICLE OFF.
  2. Within 10 seconds of setting the power mode to VEHICLE OFF, hold the wiper switch in the MIST position for more than two seconds.
    • Both wiper arms are set to the maintenance position as shown in the image.
  1. Lift both wiper arms.
  1. Depress the lock tab, then slide the wiper blade off the wiper arm.
  2. Slide the new wiper blade onto the wiper arm until it clicks into place.
  3. Lower both wiper arms.
  4. Set the power mode to ON, then set the wiper switch to the MIST position once.
    • The wiper arms return to the standard position.

Avoid dropping the wiper arm onto the windshield, it may damage the wiper arm and/or the windshield.